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Semhar Habte-Mariam

Biochemistry Peer Mentor

My name is Semhar Habte-Mariam. I am a junior at Virginia Tech majoring in Biochemistry on the pre-med track. I am also on the Virginia Tech Rescue Sqaud as an EMT! 

I am from Ethiopia and Eritrea, countries located on the horn of Africa, but I grew up in Northern Virginia. Unfortunately, I am not fluent in my native languages, but I can speak French! so if you know how to speak French I would love to talk!

Outside of class, I love running and working out whenever I have free time.

My advice to incoming students is to make friends with people within your major so that you can create study groups to help each other outside of the classroom. Also, I strongly suggest you carry a planner or a little notebook and make a list of tasks to complete by the end of the day or little reminders so you don't miss anything.