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Renee Sarmiento


My name is Renee Sarmiento and I am a sophmore majoring in Biochemistry, with a minor in Italian and Environmental Policy and Planning.  I am from El Paso, Texas but grew up in different countries around the world. As a result, learning a new language and cultures is one of my passions, along with being outdoors, baking, and reading. At Virginia Tech, I am an intern for the Energy Team of the Office of Sustainability and participate in extracurriculars like Latian Link and Environmental Coalition. 

My advice to incoming freshman would be to try an many new things during your time at Virginia Tech. Whether it is clubs, sports teams, or an interest in a particular subject, challenge yourself by trying something new and you'll meet different people in the process. There are so many opportunities to take advantage of! Especially in the Biochemistry department, people want you to succeed and expand your horizons! Also, creating study groups with friends or peers from classes is a great way to stay on track with classes and connect with others with similar interests as you!