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Kofi Asiedu-Agyei

Biochemistry Peer Mentor

My name is Kofi Asiedu-Agyei. I am a junior at Virginia Tech majoring in Biochemistry and Biology. I am an ambassador for the College of Science, a Yates Society Scholar, a Louis Stokes Alliance For Minority Population (LSAMP) Scholar and am enlisted in the U.S. Army Reserves. For the past four semesters, I have been a part of the Brown Lab, where we utilize computational approaches to understanding such things like, amyloid, PPAR, HIV, radical SAM and IDPs. I am also a part of the Wahala dance group, where we showcase the world of Africa through dancing.

This summer, I am a part of the Sun Lab where we develop and apply novel chemical biology and systems biology tool for studying RNA regulations. Futhermore, we apply the technology "Genetically Encoded Chemical Crosslinking of proteins with RNA (GECX-RNA) with other technology to answer the questions in the RNA biology field. 

My advice to incoming freshmans and/ or transfer students is do not be afraid to network. Networking is one of the most important things while being at college. There are numerous opportunities here at Virginia Tech and knowing someone can help you obtain a particular internship or a research position. 

I am always excited to meet other people in the Biochemistry department so feel free to reach out whenever.