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Astrid Meenan

Astrid Meenan

Hello Future Hokies! 

My name is Astrid Meenan (B.S. '19) and I majored in Biochemistry and Biology at Virginia Tech. I started at Virginia Tech as a Biochemistry major and then added my Biology degree after my second year. As an aspiring physician, I felt that choosing to major in Biochemistry was the best choice I’ve made at Virginia Tech because I was challenged academically, which has taught me to think and study like a medical student would.

My junior year, I took the the upper-level General Biochemistry course and the associated Laboratory Problems in Biochemistry lab class. These classes required critical thinking and dedicated studying. The material we learned was highly applicable to both health and life sciences, and has been invaluable in completing my undergraduate education. I learned many important lab techniques and how to think like a scientist. These highly applicable skills have led my peers to employment straight out of college and acceptance into highly accredited graduate and professional schools, like medical, pharmacy, dental, and veterinary school.

Beyond the academic opportunities that I have received as a Biochemistry student, the community between faculty and students in the department is unlike anything I’ve seen. Many professors at Virginia Tech, particularly my professors in the Biochemistry Department, have deeply impacted my growth and development as a student, professional, and person. I, and other students, have received research, volunteer, and job opportunities, academic support, and sometimes just some well-needed motivation from my professors and advisors. 

Because of my time as a Biochemistry major at Virginia Tech, I felt equipped to graduate and enter the world as a professional. The skills that I’ve acquired as an undergraduate student will be essential to my journey through medical school. For you, the Biochemistry program will equip you to be a doctor, too, or a dentist, researcher, or whatever you want to do! Virginia Tech will give you those needed opportunities so that you can carve your way to your future. 

There is so much more I could write about to tell you how much Virginia Tech has impacted my growth. If you want to learn more about my experience or have any questions about being in Biochemistry at Virginia Tech, please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and let's have a conversation!

Thanks and Go Hokies!