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BCHM 1014 Chemistry Practice & Review session


The CHEM 1035 Problem Solving Session is a supplemental time during the first semester of general chemistry for life science majors at Virginia Tech. The session is not supported by nor endorsed by the Department of Chemistry at Virginia Tech, but is a pilot course intended to determine methods of teaching and learning that will best increase student success.

The purpose of the session is to increase student success and confidence by focusing on problem solving techniques and encouraging consistent review and practice. Each chapter covered during the first semester of general chemistry is outlined in summary pages with a clean layout designed to provide the information needed for each major concept. Problem solving techniques include tips and tricks to solving the types of problems generally seen in CHEM 1035. Brand new practice problems not seen on previous CHEM 1035 worksheets or test were created for each testable analytical concept.

The sessions will focused specifically on increasing problem solving techniques in analytical problems. The practice problems provided in the handbook may not representative of what will be seen on a test and are provided only as a means of extra review. Conceptual problems were not included in the handbook and will not be covered directly during meeting times.