The primary role of a Biochemistry peer mentor is to create, nurture, and strengthen the community of Biochemistry at Virginia Tech.  In interactions with students of the department, a peer mentor is a source of information and inspiration.  In interactions with professors, faculty, and staff, a peer mentor is a professional and a scholar. A peer mentor sets a positive example of a student, a colleague, and a leader. 

T Andrews
Nick Cramer
C Frazier
MeShell Green
Hannah James
Mari Martinez
Sunny Murthy
Nam Ngo


C Smearman
Sarah Sturm
Sierra S Friend
Emma Wilkinson
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Want to meet with a Peer Mentor? Send us an email or contact:

David Lally

Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Molly Wilson
Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Department of Biochemistry
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340 West Campus Drive,
Blacksburg, VA  24061