1. If you registered to major in Biochemistry from the College of Science, meaning your major is abbreviated as BIOC then fill out this form. If you are from the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (BCHM) then fill out this form. 

  2.  You can you only be registering for Biochemistry CRN courses to do Undergraduate Research in a Biochemistry Lab 

  3. Signatures you must obtain before submission:  

    1. Yours/ student

    2. Principle Investigator   

    3. Principal Investigator’s printed name 

    4. Yours/ student’s advisor 

  4. The signature for the Department Head will occur upon form submission to Zerita. 

  5. Once you have all other the signatures bring them to Ms. Montgomery’s desk between the hours of 8-5pm in the Biochemistry Office (Room 111) 

  6. Forms for CALS are due on the third day of class and forms for COS are due on January 27th  ( The last day to add or drop classes) 


If you have any questions, please call the Biochemistry office. Phone: 540-231-6316