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How to Join 

If you are interested in becoming a member, come to a club meeting or email one of our officers and we will give you more information!


√ 1-Year Active Membership:

  • To maintain active membership for the academic year, students must attend at least eight (8) club meetings and eight (8) club social/service events. You DO NOT have to attend 4 meetings per semester and get 4 service points per semester to be eligible for this membership option. As long as you meet the requirements by the end of the academic year you will receive a certificate for a 1-year active membership. On a case to case basis we may be able to consider members that want to replace their club meetings with additional service points and visa versa

  • Pay the membership fee ($5 per semester)

√ 1- Semester Membership:

  • To maintain active membership for a semester, students must attend at least four (4) club meetings and four (4) club social/service events. You must complete these requirements during either the spring or fall semester to be eligible for this membership option.

  • Pay the membership fee ($5 per semester)