• Relay for Life

  • Relay is an event that raises money for the American Cancer Society to help fund cancer reaserch. It takes place every spring on the Drillfield and is another great activity to participate in. Each year the Biochemistry Club forms a team for this event and does fun edible experiments for everyone (particularly liquid nitrogen ice cream).



  • The Virginia Science Festival

  • This is a relatively new event that occurs at the end of September, each year. It consists of scientific performances and demonstrations for the Blacksburg community to participate in. The Biochemistry Club is a big supporter of this event and likes to set-up a simple experiment for everyone to get hands-on experience for what it's like in the lab. We always have an awesome time and this is a great way to get involved with the community!

    1 Hour Shift = 1 Service Point

    2 Hour Shift = 2 Service Points



  • Science Club

  • Every Friday we travel to Prices Fork and Kipps Elementary Schools and lead an after school program called Science Club. We do a science experiment with the kids to show them the joy of science and make sure they are exposed to it early. It's an awesome way to start your weekend and an even better way to get involved with the Blacksburg community!


  • The Big Event at Virginia Tech

  • The Big Event is a community service event where students go out into the community and help complete different projects. This event is a lot of fun and is another great way to give back to the community. The Biochemistry Club always participates and if you are interested in signing up with our team please follow the link below!


    Attending Big Event = 2 Service Points