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Welcome to Advising for Biochemistry


Welcome to the advising page for Biochemistry! Your academic advisors are Amy Rasor and Jen Stewart. Amy and Jen are located in 104 Engel Hall. Please feel free to reach out to Amy or Jen by scheduling an appointment or sending an email using the resources below:

Amy Rasor

Amy Rasor
Academic Advisor

Jen Stewart

Jen Stewart
Academic & Student Support Advisor

Jinsong Zhu

Dr. Jinsong Zhu
Undergraduate Director

The Pathways curriculum includes seven core learning concepts and two integrative learning concepts. The concepts reflect broad knowledge areas for study and are supported by student learning outcomes. There are seven concept areas of study. Pathways to General Education is to be completed by all students who enter in the 2018-2019 academic year or later. Transfer students will begin completing Pathways to General Education in the academic year 2020-2021. Pathways to General Education Course Catalog is published online and it explains the requirements.

When a class is full, the only way you can add it is by force-adding.  Whether or not you are able to force-add is up to either the Department offering the class or the instructor who teaches the class.

Some departments have specific force-add procedures, and these are always posted on the University Studies/XT website under "Student Resources"at the beginning of the semester. If the department does not have its own procedure, then see the instructor of the class. If he/she agrees to add you to the class, you must get that instructor's signature on a force-add form (forms are available from any academic department).

Once the instructor signs the form, turn it in to the department of the class for processing (e.g., if it is a PSYC class, turn the form in to the Psychology department).  You do not need your advisor to sign the form.  Force-add forms are turned in to the Dean’s office only after the official “add” deadline has passed.

Course Withdrawal (“W” grade) is a policy whereby you can drop three courses (regardless of the number of credit hours) during your academic career at Virginia Tech. Course Withdrawal is not available until after the normal six-week drop deadline date for a semester. The deadline for using course withdrawal is the last day of classes prior to reading day, and you must meet with your advisor to initiate a course withdrawal. Courses for which you have applied a course withdrawal remain on your transcript with a “W” grade.

A transcript is an official record of your coursework at Virginia Tech.  Transcripts may be required when you apply to other colleges or universities and often when you apply for employment.  You may obtain copies of your OFFICIAL transcript either in person from the Office of the Registrar, Room 250, Student Services Building, or by mail or online; instructions are on the Registrar's website. There is a charge for an official transcript, and there is usually a waiting period for preparing it; most institutions that require a transcript will also require that it be sent to them directly by the Registrar’s office.

Complete the Authorization to Take Courses at Another University. If you receive authorization, then register for the class(es) at the institution you want to attend. Contact your academic advisor to get the appropriate form for your major.

After the coursework has been completed, you are responsible for requesting that an official transcript from the school where you took the class(es) be sent to Virginia Tech’s Office of the Registrar.