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Nucleic Acid Biochemistry

A Virginia Tech biochemistry faculty member picks up a small object inside a pipetting robot.

Nucleic acids encode the blueprints for life. Disruptions in genome integrity is the basis for some of the world's greatest challenges, like cancer. Faculty in biochemistry are using cutting-edge experimental and computational methods to elucidate the dynamics of the atoms that govern structure to their organismal effects.

Areas of interest

  • RNA Biology
  • DNA and RNA Dynamics
  • Sex determination and inheritance
  • Transcriptional regulation


  • Bio Item
    Justin Lemkul , bio

    Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director: Computational modeling of amyloidogenic proteins and G-quadruplexes, computer-aided drug design

  • Bio Item
    Stefan Roberts , bio

    Department Head Professor

  • Bio Item
    Wei Sun , bio

    Assistant Professor: RNA Biology

  • Bio Item
    Zhijian (Jake) Tu , bio

    University Distinguished Professor Functional Genomics and Bioinformatics of Mosquito-Borne Diseases

  • Bio Item
    Jinsong Zhu , bio

    Professor and Director of the Undergraduate Program Associate Department Head Genetic Mechanisms of Mosquito Reproduction