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Kristopher Hite

Collegiate Assistant Professor
  • Biochemistry Teaching and Learning


Postdoctoral Fellow, Emory University, 2013-2014

Ph.D., Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,  Colorado State University, 2011

M.S., Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,  Colorado State University, 2006

B.S., Biochemistry,  State University of New York at Fredonia, 2005


2016 - 2018: Adjunct Instructor of general chemistry, organic chemistry, and integrated science courses at Front Range Community College

2014: Teaching Fellow, Clark-Atlanta University - Genetics

Courses Taught

BCHM 2364 - Biochemical Techniques Laboratory 

BCHM 4116 - General Biochemistry 

BCHM 4214: Laboratory Problems in Biochemistry and Molecular

BCHM 5004: Biochemistry Seminar

BCHM  91189: Undergraduate Research

Dr. Hite's PubMed Site

Hite KC, Hansen J.C. Coil-to-helix transitions in intrinsically disordered methyl CpG binding protein 2 (MeCP2) and its isolated domains. 2012 April 21; (4):531-8. Protein Science

Hansen JC, Wexler BB, Rogers DJ, Hite KC, Panchenko T, Ajith S, Black BE. DNA binding restricts the intrinsic conformational flexibility of methyl CpG binding protein 2 (MeCP2). 2011 May 27;286(21):18938-48. Journal of  Biological Chemistry

Ghosh RP, Nikitina T, Horowitz-Scherer RA, Gierasch LM, Uversky VN, Hite K, Hansen JC, Woodcock CL. Unique physical properties and interactions of the domains of methylated DNA binding protein 2. 2010 May 25;49(20):4395-410. Biochemistry

Hite KC, Adams VH, Hansen JC. Recent advances in MeCP2 structure and function. 2009 February; 87(1):219-27. Biochemistry and Cell Biology.

Conference Presentations

2022 ASBMB Conference, Engaging an Undergraduate Researcher to Develop a Mushroom Tyrosinase Assay as a Summative Assessment Device for an Upper-level Biochemistry Laboratory Course


January 2017: Outstanding Contributions to the Chemistry Discipline; Natural Science Department of Front Range Community College Recognition Award

2013 - 2014: Fellowship in Research Science and Teaching (FIRST) an Institutional Research and Academic Career Development Awards, Emory University