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Caitlin Cridland

Collegiate Assistant Professor
Caitlin Cridland
209 Latham Hall

Ph.D., Biochemistry, Virginia Tech, 2022

B.S., Chemistry, Winthrop University, 2017


January 2023-present, Collegiate Assistant Professor, Biochemistry, Virginia Tech

May 2022-December 2022, Post-doctoral Research Associate, Biochemistry, Virginia Tech Ph.D., Biochemistry, Virginia Tech, 2022

BCHM 3114: Biochemistry for Biotechnology and Life Sciences

BCHM 4115: General Biochemistry

BCHM 4984: Real World Biochemistry

Graduate Teaching Scholar for VT-REEL (2018-2020)

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Reviewed Journals

  • Freed, C. P., Craige, B., Cridland, C. A., Donahue, J., Williams, S. P., Kim, J., and Gillaspy G. E. “Translational approach to increase phosphate accumulation in two plant species through perturbance of inositol pyrophosphates”. bioRxiv. 2022.
  • Land, E. S., Cridland, C. A., Craige, B., Dye, A., Hildreth, S. B., Helm, R. F., Gillaspy, G. E. and Perera, I. Y. “Metabolic Adaptation to low phosphate in plants; a role for inositol pyrophosphates”. Metabolites. 2021.
  • Cridland, C. A., Drape, T. A., Marine, S. C., and Gillaspy, G. E. “Ten Best Practices for Taking Experiential Learning Online”. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education (2020).
  • Cridland, C.A. and Gillaspy, G.E. “Inositol Pyrophosphate Pathways and Mechanisms: What Can We Learn from Plants?” Molecules (2020): 25, 2789.  
  • Adepoju, O., Williams, S.P., Craige, B., Cridland, C.A., Sharpe, A.K., Brown, A.M., Land, E., Perera, I.Y., Mena, D., Sobrado, P., and Gillaspy, G.E. “Inositol Trisphosphate Kinase and Diphosphoinositol Pentakisphosphate Kinase Enzymes Constitute the Inositol Pyrophosphate Synthesis Pathway in Plants” bioRxiv (2019): 724914. doi:10.1101/724914.