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Anne Brown

Assistant Professor
  • Science Informatics and Health Analytics Coordinator
  • Research area(s): Computational Modeling for Drug Discovery


Ph.D., Biochemistry, Virginia Tech, 2016

B.S., Biochemistry, Physics, Virginia Tech, 2010


  • 2017 - present: Assistant Professor, Science Informatics Consultant and Health Analytics Coordinator, Research and Informatics - University Libraries, Virginia Tech [Curriculum vitae]  [Google Scholar
  • 2016-2017 : Data and Informatics Consultant for the Sciences, Virginia Tech

Courses Taught

BCHM 5024: Computational Biochemistry and Bioinformatics

BCHM 1984: Intro to Biochemistry II

Program Focus

My research interests surround how to utilize computational modeling to answer biological questions and aid in drug discovery. My research group focuses on the application of computational molecular modeling to elucidate the relationship between structure, function, and dynamics of biomolecules. Several biomolecular systems under investigation include the amyloid beta-peptide, G-protein coupled receptors, HIV envelope glycoprotein, and sphingosine kinases. I also study the pedagogy surrounding student experiential learning and critical thinking, as well as how to train learners in data science from a multi-disciplinary lens.

Dr. Brown's PubMed Site

Hollingsworth LR 4th, Brown AM, Gandour RD, Bevan DR. 2018. Computationl study of HIV gp120 as a target for polyanionic entry inhibitors: Exploiting the V3 loop region. PLos One. 13(1):e0190658

Shrestha M, Compton KK, Mancl JM, Webb BA, Brown AM, Scharf BE, Schubot FD. 2018. Structure of the sensory domain of McpX from Sinorhizobium meliloti, the first known bacterial chemotactic sensor for quaternary ammonium compounds. Biochem J. 475(24):3949-3962.

Davidson DS, Brown AM, Lemkul JA. 2018. Insights into stablizing forces in amyloid fibrils of diffeering sizes from polarizable molecular dynamis simulations. J Mol Biol. 430(20):3819-3834.

Hollingsworth LR 4th, Lemkul JA, Bevan DR, Brown AM. 2018. HIV-1 Env gp41 transmembrane domain dynamics are mdulated by lipid, water, and ion interactions. Biophys J. 115(1):84-94.

Liu J, Zou X, Gotoh T, Brown AM, Jiang L, Wisdom EL, Kim JK, Finkielstein CV. 2018. Distinct control of PERIOD2 degradation and circadian rhythms by the oncoprotein and ubiquitin ligase MDM2. Sci Signal. 11(556):eaau0715.

Hilu KW, Friend SA, Vallanadu V, Brown AM, Hollingsworth LR 4th, Bevan DR. 2019. Molecular evolution of genes encoding allergen proteins in the peanuts genus Arachis: Structural and functional implications. PLoS One. 14(11):e0222440.

Congdon MD, Kharel Y, Brown AM, Lewis SN, Bevan DR, Lynch KR, Santos WL. 2016. Structure-activity relationship studies and molecular modeling of naphthalene-based sphingosine kinase 2 inhibitors. ACS Med Chem Lett. 7(3):229-34.

Worrell BL, Brown AM, Santos WL, Bevan DR. 2019. In Silico Characterization of Structural Distinctions between Isoforms of Human and Mouse Sphingosine Kinases for Accelerating Drug Discovery. J Chem Inf Model. 59(5):2339-2351.

2020 - Council of Undergraduate Research (CUR) Biology Division Mentor Award 

2019 - Virginia Tech Transdisciplinary Faculty Fellow 

2019 - Faculty Scholar, Virginia Tech Academy of Graduate Teaching Excellence 

2019 - J. Shelton Horsley Research Award from Virginia Academy of Science

2019 - Virginia Tech Outstanding Undergraduate Research Faculty Mentor Award 

2019 -  Virginia Tech Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Award

2019 - Biophysical Society Travel Award 

2018 - Roanoke-Blacksburg Technology Council (RBTC) Entrepreneur of the Year (nominee) 

2017, 2018 - Virginia Tech Favorite Faculty (2018 – Civility Award Winner)

2016 - North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture (NACTA) Graduate Student Teaching Award of Merit

2015 - Virginia Tech Illuminator Award

2015 - Associate, VT Academy of Graduate Teaching Assistant Excellence

2015 - Virginia Tech Graduate School Outstanding Graduate Student Service Excellence Award 

2015 - Kamal M. Abdo Memorial Endowment Travel Award 

2015 - VT Dept. of Biochemistry Kendall W. King Memorial Scholarship - outstanding senior graduate student 

2014 - VT Center for Gerontology S.J. Ritchey Award for research focuses in the area of aging 

2014 - Virginia Tech Citizen Scholar Award 

2013-2016 - Virginia Tech CALS Graduate Teaching Scholar Fellowship 

2013 - Best Score Poster, VT 29th Annual Graduate Student Research Symposium

2012 - 1st Place poster, 2nd Annual Virginia Tech Symposium on Vector-Borne Disease Research 

2010 -  James Lewis Howe Award, outstanding senior in Biochemistry awarded by the Blue Ridge Section of the American Chemical Society