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Hub for Virtual Students Curriculum

Hub for Virtual Students Curriculum

This page will be dedicated to help students stay updated and know what expect with the new curriculum model. For major specific classes, you can find information here on how professors will set about preparing classes for you. You however should refer to canvas or email your professor specifically for more information regarding your courses. This page will discuss courses like BCHM 4124, BCHM 4116, CHEM 4616 etc. This can also be the hub for updates regarding research, peer advising updates, and other resources important for Biochemistry students. 



Letter from Department Head:

Dear Biochemistry students,

I wanted to take the opportunity to update you on plans the department of Biochemistry is currently making to deal with the mandate for on-line classes for the rest of this semester.  First, I want to assure all of you that the department is committed to having every student complete every credit hour they are registered for, and that the move to on-line instruction will not impede anyone’s progress toward graduation. Faculty were told to consider on-line instruction as a possibility a few days ago, and so we have been moving quickly to plan for the best ways to engage you in your Biochemistry courses. That said, there are some challenges like our six credit lab course, BCHM 4124. I have just met with the instructors of this lab course, and feel confident that your professors are designing ways to meet the inherent challenges of our situation. Please expect to hear from your Biochemistry course professors soon (via email or Canvas mail), so that they can communicate the details of how their on-line instruction will work. Many are going to opt to use an application called Zoom, which can be found on One Campus (, which can allow for good quality, real time, or asynchronous class meetings.  

I am sure most of you have many other questions about your classes, and issues other than your classes. Discussions on other policies and issues are on-going at many levels, and I promise to update you as soon as the department is updated. As well, this is a good time to remember to check your email and carefully read those from Virginia Tech (the sender is usually listed as Virginia Tech News, Virginia Tech Mail, President or Provost of Virginia Tech, etc.). For now, I will remind you that VT is not just an institution of higher learning, but also part of a broader community and world that is facing a significant public health challenge. We need to do our part as good global citizens, and stay healthy.

Sincerely, Glenda
Glenda Gillaspy
Professor and Head, Biochemistry
Virginia Tech

Navigating the Navigate System

What is Zoom?
Zoom is a virtual online meeting app that allows people to hold meetings in online settings. This is a great tool for students to maintain an interactive classes with students. This will be an essential tool for students to host one-on- one meetings with advisors or have classes. Please download by going to this link:

How virtual courses will work:
Please be patient as professors work to create and optimize their course on an online platform.  

How students doing research will be impacted:
Please contact your PIs to learn more about how your research experience will change.  

How Peer Mentors can stay involved:
When things settle down, Amy and I could possibly create a plan where students can zoom with mentors.



Updates on the happenings of VT so you can prepare for next semester:

Make sure you are checking twitter, facebook, and instagrams to get updated on the happening of Virginia Tech. This will prepare and kickstart you for the next semester.

March 13:
Advising will be moved to a virtual format. You may continue to schedule advising appointments with me using the Navigate system. In the appointment notes, please indicate whether you would like to connect via Zoom (Amy’s personal Zoom link is here), Google Hangouts, or phone. 

Course request for Fall 2020 has been extended by a week.  Course request will be open in Hokie Spa from March 24 through April 7.  Note that the timetable for Fall 2020 has been made public, and you may access this using the "Timetable of Classes" link in Hokie Spa (this is typically found in the footer of the page).