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Glenda Gillaspy

Now, more than ever, your gifts to our department constitute a key resource for investing in our future. Your gifts enable us to invest in our students by providing scholarships, travel support to scientific conferences, and new equipment for our instructional laboratories. Our 6 credit intensive major's lab class is especially in need of new equipment. This unique capstone course provides students with experiential learning and skills they use after graduation.

Your donations can help us to recruit and support the development of bright, talented faculty through the purchase or repair of a key piece of equipment or customizing some part of their laboratory suite. It enables us to forge and maintain connections by bringing visitors to see our department and engage in scientific discussions.

In a nutshell, your gifts enable us to overcome the limitations imposed by the size and restrictions of our base budget. And remember, just as an enzyme or a genome starts as a collection of amino acids or necleotides, even a "small gift" serves as a precursor to great things.

Glenda Gillaspy
Professor and Head, Biochemistry
Virginia Tech