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Things are starting to look up. I am still adjusting to classes and this new “normal” that we have, but I am taking it one step at a time.  I am hopeful for the future, and when this is all over, I hope we as a nation and globe make sure that this does not happen again.
Astrid Meenan; Class of 2020




I just finished my first week doing virtual classes. I am impressed at how professors diligently worked to make this possible. I am enamored how advanced technology is to allow to do our classes online, but I am also sure that online college will never be the same as going to a physical college.

We didn’t waste any time this week. I had three quizzes, an exam and a lab report due this week. It was a great way to kinda jump back into classes, but it was tough to adjust for me. I have never been to keen on online classes. I love in-person classes. The routine, the people you’ll talk to, and the in-class activities are all things I didn’t realize I loved until they were gone.

However, while this week did have its hiccups, I feel much more adapted now, and I can see the benefits of having virtual classes. For one, it is much more flexible, and building a routine around them is actually much easier. Also, I look forward to how professors make the experience unique and fun. For my Physical Chemistry class, we plan to showcase our pets during our zoom classes. So I am going to stay positive and see what next week looks like. 

Astrid Meenan; Class of 2020




Hello! Since President San’s announcement, I have been slowly coming to grips and envisioning my final semester here. Some days it makes me incredibly sad to know that the friends I made, the community I had, and routine that I had at Tech are now on hold. However, other days I feel happy that our school is taking the necessary steps to keep as many students, faculty, staff, and other people not involved with the school safe from catching the COVID-19 virus.

I feel optimistic that if I give the new school online platform a shot and come in with a positive mental attitude, then adapting to this teaching style will easier. I am excited to see how professors and students optimize this new method of teaching which could possibly have long term impacts on education.

The thing I will miss the most is my peers, professors, and communities. However, I am taking steps to prevent this from truly sinking in by emailing teachers, face-timing/skyping friends, and reminding myself that we as a community are all going through this together. It is just the beginning, so it is very important that we heed the warnings of the CDC and government. It is not only a matter of getting the virus but spreading it as well. We will get through this.   

Keep your head up Hokies,
Astrid Meenan; Class of 2020