Summer Internships

Summer internships provide opportunities to spend about ten weeks during the summer working with a company, governmental agency, or research institute (academic or governmental). Through these internships students gain valuable hands-on experience. Some of these programs are designed for the summer between the junior and senior years while others are available at any academic level. Most programs pay a stipend and some provide housing and a travel allowance.

Internships at Virginia Tech

Co-op Program

The Cooperative Education Program is designed to enhance the student's academic knowledge, personal development, and professional preparation. By blending the traditional academic function of the university with work assignments in industry, business, government, or community services, the program affords students the opportunity to apply academic training to practical work experience. Co-op students alternate semesters of work and school during their undergraduate years and obtain at least three semesters of work experience before graduation. The co-op program provides students with an opportunity to test their career goals and gain an advantage in the employment market. In addition, monies earned through the work experience help defray the costs of a college education. Recent co-op employers of biochemistry students include Eastman Kodak, Sohio, Burroughs-Wellcome, National Institutes of Health, Food and Drug Administration, USDA Fisheries and Wildlife, CIA, Department of Justice, and community hospitals.

Co-op program at Virginia Tech