The Honors Program provides an opportunity for the exceptional student to engage in an independent research project under the guidance of a Biochemistry faculty member.* Successful completion of the requirements outlined below qualifies the student to receive a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry "In Honors". 


Students may be admitted to the B.S. in Biochemistry "In Honors" Program upon completion of the following requirements:

  • Admission to the University Honors Program and completion of at least 60 semester hours of credit.
  • Approval for admission by the Undergraduate Committee.

Departmental Requirements

  • Meet the curricular requirements for the B.S. in Biochemistry and maintain good standing in the University Honors Program.
  • Meet requirements of the University "In Honors" program.
  • Submit "In Honors Thesis Form" (available in Biochemistry Department Office) to Departmental Honors Advisor.
  • Complete a minimum of 10 semester hours of Undergraduate Research (UH4994 or BCHM 4994), Independent Study (BCHM 4974) or graduate courses taken for undergraduate credit.
  • Prepare an Honors Thesis based on a laboratory research project approved by the student's Thesis Committee. The Thesis Committee will consist of the student's Research Advisor* and at least two additional faculty, one of which must be a Biochemistry faculty member**.
  • Present the results of the work at the Departmental Honors seminar and defend the thesis before the Thesis Committee.

* Students wishing to work with faculty not in the Biochemistry Department must have approval of the Departmental Undergraduate Committee prior to beginning the research project.

**If the students research advisor is not a Biochemistry faculty member, the remaining members of the Thesis Committee shall be Biochemistry faculty members.