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Department of Biochemistry Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Biochemistry is to help build a better future by:

Providing aspiring molecular life scientists with the opportunity to obtain a world-class education by engaging in a program of instruction that emphasizes critical thinking; rigorous and effective application of the scientific method; quantitative analysis; fundamental chemical, biological, and physical principles; clear and accurate written and verbal communication; and Intensive experiential learning activities.

Generating new tools and knowledge that will advance our understanding of the living world and enhance the quality of life through better medical care, disease prevention measures, nutrition, and environmentally sound and sustainable agricultural and manufacturing processes

Leveraging these research activities to provide students with opportunities to participate in genuine, challenging experiential learning activities involving state-of-the-art approaches and technologies.

Enhancing public understanding of biochemistry, molecular biology, and science in general through public engagement via presentations, publications, and outreach to K-12 student

Providing education, training, and work environments that are characterized by mutual respect, personal responsibility, fairness, equality, and a commitment to providing opportunities and support for all — especially those individuals belonging to populations traditionally underrepresented in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics [STEM].

The mission of the B.S. degree program in the Department of Biochemistry is to provide undergraduate students with a foundational understanding of the chemical basis of biological processes as well as the skill sets to critically evaluate, interpret and create biochemical information. This mission aligns with the institutional and college missions of educating undergraduate students in the life sciences through diverse, hands-on, experiential opportunities.

The mission of the Ph.D. degree program in the Department of Biochemistry is to provide graduate students with the ability to master discovery and translation of new knowledge concerning the molecular basis of life through interdisciplinary research and training while enhancing quality teaching and professional skills. This mission aligns with the institutional and college missions of advancing knowledge and improving the quality of life.