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Professional Master of Science in Life Sciences (MSLFS) Non-Thesis

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Structure of the Professional MSLFS Program

The Master of Science in Life Sciences (MSLFS) merges the efforts of the Departments of Biochemistry, Entomology, Food Science and Technology, and the School of Plant and Environmental Sciences. Students in basic and applied disciplines in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences share common experiences that prepare them for careers in which interdisciplinary interactions become increasingly valued. At the same time, discipline-specific education, which characterizes the MSLFS program in each department, prepares students for unique positions and career development. For graduation, students must complete a minimum of 20 graded credit hours and 30 total credit hours.

The professional MSLFS program differs from the research-based MSLFS in that there is no requirement for a thesis to complete the professional MSLFS. Degree requirements are satisfied entirely by completing graduate coursework. As such, this program is intended for students who wish to study at an advanced level. There is no financial support provided for the professional MSLFS program; students enrolled do not receive a stipend or health benefits and are required to pay tuition.

Requirements for Professional MSLFS Completion

  • Advanced coursework (30 total credits, of which 20 must be graded)