BCHM 5004   Seminar in Biochemistry
BCHM 5014   Protein Biochemistry (Fall)
Necleic Acid Biochemistry (Spring)
BCHM 5024   Computational Biochemistry and Bioinformatics
BCHM 5054   Molecular Biology of Prokaryotic Gene Regulation
BCHM/BIOL/PPWS 5064   Seminar in Molecular Cell Biology and Biotechnology
BCHM 5115/5116   Principles of Biochemistry
BCHM 5124   Biochemistry of the Life Sciences
BCHM 5204   Molecular Biology of Eukaryotic Gene Expression
BCHM 5214
  Molecular Biology of the Cell
BCHM 5224   Protein Structure, Function and Modeling
BCHM 5304   Enzyme Kinetics and Reaction Mechanisms
BCHM 5344   Molecular Biology for the Life Sciences
BCHM 6004   Advanced Topics in Biochemistry
BCHM/BIOL/PPWS 6024   Topics in Molecular Cell Biology and Biotechnonogy