Starting in Fall 2016, the department of Biochemistry now assigns a Peer Mentor to each first year Biochemistry student. These peer mentors are advanced students who can offer advice and assistance on the challenges of starting college and majoring in Biochemistry. Our undergraduate Advisor, Mr. David Lally, recruits Peer Mentors through a competitive process each Spring. For more information, please contact Mr. Lally at….


Peer Mentors are paid by the Department of Biochemistry and usually work between 2-10 hours each week during the semester. Peer Mentors must be available to attend the First Year Experience in Biochemistry course, BCHM 1014, taught each Fall semester. Peer Mentors may also be asked to participate in our Biochemistry Tutoring program, to enhance student success in Chemistry, Math and other courses.

David Lally
106 Engel Hall | (540) 231-9524